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William D. Parry, Esq., CCC-SLP

A licensed speech-language pathologist and trial lawyer.  Author of Understanding & Controlling Stuttering: A Comprehensive New Approach Based on the Valsalva Hypothesis.

Bill Parry received his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was an Editor of the Law Review. He has been listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in American Law. 

Parry founded the Philadelphia Area Chapter of the National Stuttering Association in 1985 and led its support group meetings for 15 years. He served for six years on the Board of Directors of the National Stuttering Association and as Chair of its Advocacy Committee.  As Advocacy Chair, Parry provided advice and assistance to persons who stutter and their attorneys on employment discrimination complaints and lawsuits.  He has written booklets and presented workshops for the NSA concerning discrimination and other employment issues affecting people who stutter.  Parry received a Master's Degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Science from Temple University.  He is ASHA certified in Speech-Language Pathology and is currently practicing in the Philadelphia area.

Earlier in his life, Parry himself struggled with a severe stuttering problem. After becoming frustrated with existing theories and therapies, Parry began his own research and experimentation. This resulted in his "Valsalva Hypothesis" (published in the Journal of Fluency Disorders in December 1985) and an experimental therapeutic approach called "Valsalva Control," which dramatically improved his fluency.  This enabled him to become a successful trial lawyer in Philadelphia. 

He has has appeared on TV and radio talk shows and, in 1987, received the "Spirit of Philadelphia Award"  from WCAU-TV Channel 10 News. He has given workshops and presentations on the Valsalva Hypothesis locally, at NSA conventions, at the Third International Convention for People Who Stutter in 1992, at the World Congress of People Who Stutter, in 1995 in Sweden, and elsewhere.  A preliminary edition of his book, Understanding and Controlling Stuttering, first appeared in 1992. The Completed Edition was published in 1994.  The Second Edition was first published in 2000 and has been the NSA's best-selling book.  It is now in its fifth updated printing.


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 William D. Parry, Esquire, CCC-SLP

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Valsalva Control Stuttering Therapy is a new approach to improving fluency by controlling the physiological mechanism that may be causing stuttering blocks. For further information on Valsalva Control Therapy, visit Stuttering Therapy and Counseling at www.stutteringtherapist.com.

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